Living and teaching on the Navajo Reservation for 9 years amidst the sandstone formations and open space makes you feel like a small pebble in a Zen garden. The emptiness evokes the same sense of being and timelessness as the white paper of an ink painting. I began my photography near Teec Nos Pos, having learned to observe things more intensely from the readings of J. Krishnamurti. East meets the real West! Included are images from Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Round Rock, the Four Corners, and lesser known places of equal beauty and wonder.
Sensuous Sand Meditative patterns are created naturally by wind, gravity, and light. Although many of the shapes appear convex, they are actually concave--illusions to remind us that reality can be other than what we assume it to be. And that it should probably be questioned on a regular basis. Can you see an image as it actually is? Looking sideways or upside down may help--or not.
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