Image 52 Arizona

I have photographed almost every city and town in Arizona, as well as its national parks and monuments, landscapes, and cultural activities. While always looking for an interesting fine art image, I have tried to search out a community's public and private architecture, art, parks, schools , and events.

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Image 72 Mining Towns

This is a series of impressions of the present-day towns and camps in this historic Arizona industry that includes Bisbee, Clifton, Superior, Miami, Hayden, Ray, Jerome, Tombstone, and Douglas. Although many have seen better times, I prefer to see these environments in terms of the visual elements of their current state. We should look at everything and see it as it is now.

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Desert & Cacti

I have many shots of traditional desert views. However, I quickly grew to appreciate the saguaro and other cacti in all stages of the life cycle. Spend enough (or too many) summers in Arizona's Sonoran Desert and you begin seeing all the possibilities. (Though my work is never digitally manipulated, this is the one area in which I have introduced external elements into the natural setting.)

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